Victor Kraus

Victor Kraus Higher musical studies at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe (Isao Nakamura) and

the Conservatoire de Strasbourg (Emmanuel Séjourné). His percussion duo KrausFrink, the so-

called "classical" recital brought Victor Kraus to the Konzerthaus Berlin, to the Cologne and

Berlin Philharmonie, to numerous European festivals as well as to China. The duo's cooperation

with various composers culminated in the world premier of a double concerto with the Deutsche

Radio Philharmonie and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Strasbourg, a project supported by the

music foundation Ernst von Siemens. Also the Hungarian composer Márton Illés already dedicates

to them his work Torso VII in 2008. The german composer Gregor Schwellenbach, commissioned

by the WDR, composed in 2016 soloist + orchestra versions of the pieces written by KrausFrink

duo and KrausFrink & Conrad trio, and accompanied by the WDR Funkhausorchester under the

direction of Adrien Perruchon.

V.Kraus has been engaged since 2009 as a teacher at the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg.

With his percussion duo KrausFrink is an experienced silent movie accompanist. Many European

festivals have invited the duo as composing and performing musicians.

The first CD of KrausFrink "Eat this" had its first in autumn 2012 with the label Perc.Pro.